HOS 2023|Long Tin Court, Yuen Long|Siu Chui Court, Tuen Mun|The highest HOS in Hong Kong and the most affordable price|About 70,000 yuan for the first phase of the car|Housing Authority|You can view the real estate

HOS 2023|Long Tin Court, Yuen Long|Siu Chui Court, Tuen Mun|The highest HOS in Hong Kong and the most affordable price|About 70,000 yuan for the first phase of the car|Housing Authority|You can view the real estate

[Easy Property Inspection Group 🏠 You can view real estate for you]HOS 2023 | Tianyuan supplies 3080 units, which is the HOS housing with the largest number of units in this phase. The key date is March 2026. The pre-sale period is as long as 2 years and 10 months. It is the housing estate with the longest pre-sale period in this phase. The average price per square foot after discount is 6280 It is also the cheapest housing estate in this issue. The land where Long Tin Court is located in Yuen Long was formerly used as an interim housing site. It will be developed in two phases. Long Tin Court is the first phase and will be built to 50 floors in the future, becoming the tallest HOS in Hong Kong. The cheapest group in Langtianyuan is priced at 1.49 million yuan. The green form buyers can borrow up to 95% of the mortgage. After paying the down payment of 74,500 yuan, the monthly payment is 7087 yuan. As for white watch buyers, they can borrow up to 90% of the mortgage, with an initial payment of 149,000 yuan and a monthly payment of 6,989 yuan. Tuen Mun Siu Chui Court is located on Hang Fu Street, Tuen Mun, adjacent to the Swimming Pool Light Rail Station. There are only 518 units, which is the least number of HOS housing units in this phase, but it is also the only housing estate that provides large units of more than 500 square feet in this phase. The average sq. ft. price of Siu Chui Court is HK$6,800. Like Long Tin Court, it is a HOS apartment with a sq. ft. price below HK$7,000. Taking the cheapest group in Zhaocuiyuan as an example, the price is 1.79 million yuan. After the green form buyers pay about 89,500 yuan for the down payment, the monthly payment is 8514 yuan. As for white watch buyers, the initial expenditure is about 179,000 yuan, and the monthly payment is 8,396 yuan. The application fee for the new phase of HOS is 270 yuan, and the ratio of green and white forms will remain at four to six as in previous years. Family applicants with “elderly family members” can give priority to flat selection. The Housing Authority has reserved 2,700 quotas for such applicants, of which 1,080 and 1,620 are green and white forms respectively. There are 900 quotas for single applicants, 360 and 540 for green and white forms respectively. Want to see more videos: If you have any real estate and want to know more, remember to leave a message to let us know📢! ! [Remember to help like👍our Facebook and subscribe to 🛎YouTube channel, and set the 28Hse page as “First Look/See First🧐”] 📍Facebook: 📸Instagram: 📱Twitter: 🎞YouTube: #HOS2023 #2023住屋#6新房屋#Yuanlanglangtianyuan#萨门赵洁园#Application Qualifications#奇德奇悦园#Kwun Tong An Ying Yuan, An Hua Yuan, An Li Yuan#重卖住屋#马安山Jinjun Court#田门山启翔园#东洪玉雅园#沙田欣德园#住屋application fee#住屋2023收起时间#Tuen Mun South Extension Line#Tuen Mun Swimming Pool Station#御海海#海达轩# Nanlanghai Bay#Yuenlong Square#Shuibianwei Station#宇豪山庄#Yuenlong Park#Moomin Garden#白表#绿表#易发忙屋团#实骆任何吧#搵楼#rent house#rent building #28hse #新盘#买套#家具#Design 00:00 Beginning 01:06 Langtian Court Basic Information 01:47 Langtian Court Pricing 03:00 Langtian Court Unit Type 03:25 Langtian Court Supporting Units 04:49 Lang Tianyuan landscape 05:34 Zhaocuiyuan basic information 05:56 Zhaocuiyuan pricing 06:49 Zhaocuiyuan unit type 07:20 Zhaocuiyuan supporting facilities 08:54 Zhaocuiyuan landscape 09:22 2023 new HOS application details 10:08 Resale HOS 10:44 2023 New HOS Summary


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