HongKong Food | Hong Kong Street Foot Tour in Wanchai

Filmed on June, 2021-Hong Kong Street Foot Tour in Wanchai A walking food in Hong Kong…. In this channel, you can seeing real footage and hearing ambient city sounds and food and Cuisine. Hong Kong takes great pride in their cuisine which is well-known and well-loved all over the world. It is just incredibly abundant in upscale restaurants, casual eateries and humble street stalls to give everyone a dining experience worth treasuring. With cheap stalls teeming the bustling streets of Hong Kong, your HK$50 ($6.44) would go a very long way. My channel regularly publishes walking tours, street food (with no talking) of my walks in Hong Kong if you want to see all my walks, visit my channel page: ►-Watching more video about HongKong street food ►-Watching more video about HongKong walk tour ►-Watching more video about HongKong bus ride ►-Watching more video about HongKong seafood ►-Subscribed to our channel ► Hong Kong Food is a documentary video channel about bringing you a everything about Hong Kong: food, streets, cultural, and famous places in city …. and will let you have live experience of Hong Kong street food. So viewers those who loves street food,fast food, village food specially outside of home food, must watch my channel. I am sure you will get lots more information about street food and all other cities food culture in Hong Kong. Thanks so much and if you like my channel concept and videos please don’t forget to subscribe like and share to all of your friends. #hongkongfood #hongkongstreetfood #hongkong #hongkongfoodtour *********************************** ************************************ 💬Please join at:-Facebook ►-Blogpost ►-Instagram ► -Twitter ► *********************************************** ************************ 💗💗💗THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WATCHING!!!💗💗💗 If you enjoy this video, please make sure to LIKE , SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel ^_^ 👍 For business inquiries, please email: hoangvanhanh12@gmail.com ****************** ************************************************** *** 👍 👍👍 HongKong Food Channel © 2019 🎬 Notice! ALL OUR VIDEOS ARE COPYRIGHTED !!! COPY and USE OF OUR VIDEOS & IMAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED !!! NO REUP !!!.


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