Hong Kong’s Divided Gen Z: Can Pro-Democracy & Pro-Beijing Youths Talk Without Fighting?

Two young Hong Kongers, a pro-democracy activist and a pro-Beijing YouTuber, meet for the first time in a candid discussion on Hong Kong’s political situation. Can the youths on opposite political spectrum find any common ground? They share their views on the following statements: 00:00 I am proud of the image that Chinese youths have among the international community. 03:45 The Chinese don’t understand human rights and freedom of expression. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censors information on the Internet. 06:00 Chinese youth and Hong Kong youth will never find common ground. 07:00 The people of Hong Kong should have the right to protest. 07:24 I’ve seriously considered leaving Hong Kong. 08:38 Hong Kong is China’s internal affair and the people of Hong Kong should not appeal for foreign intervention. KK, 18, was part of a pro-democracy student activist group, StudentsConnect. The group has been dissolved due to the National Security Law. The Keybro, in his 20s, is a pro-Beijing YouTuber originally from Guangdong, who is proud to be a Hong Konger now but also “equally proud to be Chinese”. WATCH the full episode of Insight’s Milk Tea Alliance: Asia’s Youth Unite For Democracy. Can It Effect Real Change?: ALSO WATCH: 23: Born In The Year Of Hong Kong Handover To China, What Will Their Future Hold?: Is This The End For Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement?: Hong Kong’s New Brain Drain? The National Security Law’s Impact: For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER ! Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:.