Hong Kong Street Food. A Walk Around the Stalls and Restaurants of Kowloon

This is a schedule of what you will see: 00:00 Temple street, Beef, Seafoot, Big Squids 02:28 Lunch Boxes prepared for students 06:21 Soup stall in Temple Street 07:06 Dim Sum in the Street 08:18 Hong Kong Street Food. Making Dumplings with Shrimps Filling. Seen in Mong Kok This is the same man that appears in another video of my channel However the originel viddeo files are NOT the same. They were done with different cameras and at different times 12:24 more lunch bozes with rice 14:31 Chopping the chicken in the kitchen 17:05 Fast Food Hong Kong Style in Mong Kok 18:27 the octopus snack shop of Mong Kok 19:35 Korean snack in Mong Kok 20:27 the Hot Pot 25 :09 Tsim Sha Tsui nighttime. Fish balls, Tempura, Meat and Pork soup and more 31:54 Chinese traditional medical tea 32:31 Cooking the dim sum 33:28 the bakery 34:30 pork soup seen VERY close 34:42 preparing Japanese Takoyaki 37:56 squeezing sugarcane for juice 38:12 marinated eggs and Chinese medical tea 38:46 grilled sausages 39:10 t he street bakery 39:28 traditional sweets 39:44 sweets potatoes, eggs, quali eggs, and chestnuts roasted 40:14 more Chinese medical tea 42:40 traditional fast food in Yau Ma Tei 44:18 chinese noodles and soup 45:54 chopping chicken and pork in Yau Ma Tei 47:05 the dim sum stall 48:18 ALIVE seafood stall 48:24 sugarcane squeeze for juice 49:15 copping roasted chicken 50:25 fried chicken lunch box 52:51 fried dumplings.


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