Hong Kong people in the eyes of foreigners… So it’s so difficult to get along with?! Hong Kong 2018-10-01【WTO Sisterhood】│

The Sisters of WTO 1953 gathers Hong Kong people in the eyes of foreigners… So it is so difficult to get along with?! Taiwan and Hong Kong are geographically similar, both use traditional Chinese characters, and communicate with each other quite frequently. But when it comes to their first impression of Hong Kong people, many Taiwanese think “Hong Kong people are fierce”, “Cantonese sounds like quarreling”, “I have been to Hong Kong and found that Hong Kong people have a bad attitude”… Do Hong Kong people really have such a hard time getting along? New residents: Wee Morning, Nasanniu, Adong, Dida, Jenny, Xixiwai, Queenie, Cool Guests: Abu, Xiaoyou, Guo Renrong-♡Welcome to subscribe to “WTO Sisterhood” ♡ ➟➟ (Intimate reminder🔔Don’t forget to turn on the notification Little bell!) For more exciting content, please join the WTO Sisterhood Fan Group: ↓↓↓ More exciting videos↓↓↓[China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea will compete against the aunts!!]➔➔[Taiwanese let I am sad and happy because of my nationality?!]➔➔ To see more of the “WTO Sisterhood”, please click on this link➟➟ #香港#HongKong #HK #WTO兄弟会#莎莎#StayHome #WithMe .


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