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Kowloon Station, Hong Kong’s hottest commercial and residential golden circle! Located in the heart of the city and the Victoria Harbour, with the super railway network and top-level commercial and residential planning, it connects China and foreign countries, showing the prosperity of the metropolis, laying a new landmark for luxury residences in Asia, ushering in the “high-speed rail era”, and instilling strong economic development in the region engine! Kowloon Station is a combination of high-speed rail, MTR, and airport railway. The “three railway hubs” go directly to the central business district in 15 minutes, and the Hong Kong International Airport within 30 minutes. The new “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-speed Rail Hong Kong Section” terminus, It is directly connected to Shenzhen and Guangzhou South Railway Station, enjoying the advantages of the “one-hour living circle” in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and is connected to the three major commercial platforms of people flow, logistics and capital flow. The commercial and residential properties of Kowloon Station have unlimited potential. The landmark International Trade Plaza (ICC) in the area is the tallest building in Hong Kong. It has both top-notch commercial space and star-rated hotels. It is an important base for Greater China and multinational corporations, gathering the world Professionals from all over the world drive huge demand for home ownership and leasing! The Austin Road West commercial site above the high-speed rail will be launched this year, with a buildable floor area of ​​3.16 million square feet and a market valuation of 100 billion yuan. It is expected to become one of the largest real estate projects in Hong Kong in history. , Further attracting the entry of Chinese and multinational companies, the effect of the land king has caused the housing prices in the area to soar. Kowloon Station is also a gathering place for entertainment and leisure in Hong Kong. The 100-storey “Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck” overlooks Hong Kong from a high level. The large-scale luxury shopping mall, Element, gathers high-end consumer brands, and the top floor is the Yenhui Plaza. (Civic Square), providing multi-national cuisines, special performances and theme exhibitions, creating aristocratic consumption experience. In addition, the West Kowloon Cultural District created by the government is gradually taking shape, including five world-class exhibitions and cultural projects including the Hong Kong Palace Museum, making Kowloon Station a world-class cultural landmark. The parent-child and educational facilities in the district are equally complete, with green areas, children’s playgrounds and international kindergartens. There are many prestigious schools in Kowloon Station, with excellent teachers and an educational atmosphere, which cultivates children’s international vision and diversified development. Union Square, a diversified community above the Kowloon Station, brings together five major luxury housing complexes: The Cullinan, Sorrento, The King’s Landing, The Arc de Triomphe, and The Waterfront, providing more than 6,000 units, ranging from architectural appearance, internal design layout, and even luxury The club facilities are unique and cater to different people’s pursuit of high-end life. The Cullinan, named after The Cullinan, the largest diamond in the world. The glass exterior wall is equipped with a “twin tower” fashion appearance. It stands on the shore of Victoria Harbour, shining brightly, and is equipped with a 6-star luxury clubhouse to enjoy the ultimate life. , It shows extraordinary taste and is highly sought after by the rich in Hong Kong and China. The Arc de Triomphe, with its unique and magnificent arch architectural appearance and skyscraper clubhouse, has become a magnificent landmark of Kowloon Station. The rare one-room partition is very popular among single aristocrats and tenants of multinational corporations. It has extraordinary investment value. Regarding the world, the three buildings face the Victoria Harbour in a connected arc design, with a sense of the times, 180-degree invincible sea view, and floor-to-ceiling glass, showing the style of the city, which is deeply loved by celebrities and financial talents! Sorrento, the five largest luxury real estate projects with the largest scale and the most diversified choice of apartment types; The Waterfront is one of the earliest completed projects with mature supporting facilities, making it the best choice for a family. Now that the luxury housing complex in Kowloon Station has so many advantages, for those who invest or are for self-use, we provide you with the following suggestions! Dominic, Senior Regional Sales Director of Midland Realty, said: “Kowloon Station properties are more resilient, and most of them have a strong attitude towards selling goods. They rarely sell them, especially mainland owners. Now there are more mainland owners. Therefore, The resilience and appreciation potential of properties in Kowloon Station are greater than those in other regions. Interested prospective buyers may wish to pay attention to the 3-bedroom units in Wang Neiyuan, because the price per square foot of such units is relatively cheap, with a cost of about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per square foot. In addition. , 3-bedroom units attract many families to rent. In the long run, the property appreciation in Kowloon Station has more potential.” ▼▼Read more▼▼ Log in to “Midland Realty”: Follow “Midland Realty” WeChat public account: meilian1200 (Midland Realty) Subscribe to “Midland Realty” YouTube channel: Like “Midland Realty” Facebook page: Follow “Midland Realty” Instagram: Follow WeChat public account: meilian1200 (midland realty).


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