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LVGEM is located in Landi, Tuen Mun, adjacent to Yufeng Garden, a young private building. The housing estate has 9 properties, providing more than 700 units. The biggest selling point is that the unit utility rate is as high as 85%, which is suitable for practical users. The appearance of LVGEM is fresh and clean, together with the clubhouse, the quality is comparable to the first-line private buildings in the city center, and it has long attracted newlyweds to enter the car. Property name: BOTANIA VILLA District: Tuen Mun District: New Territories Address/Lot: No. 138 Fu Heng Tsuen Road Number of Blocks: 11 Blocks Total Number of Units: 902 Date of Occupation: January 5, 1998 Property School Network: Nearby Kindergarten Tuen Mun; Primary School 70 Net; Secondary School Tuen Mun Seller/Vendor’s Holding Company: Seller Yiu Kwong Co., Ltd. Property Facilities: Playground, Clubhouse, Resident Club, Sauna Room, Fitness Room, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court Transportation: Minibus , Housing Estates, Bus, Light Rail Disclaimer: This promotional material can only be used for the promotion and promotion of second-hand residential properties and for reference only. It is not and cannot be used to promote any first-hand residential properties. Its accuracy and authenticity are based on the real estate The information provided by the developer shall prevail. Go to the ” HongKongFloorPlans” housing estate page: Subscribe to the ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like the ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram:.