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The Shatin community has mature supporting facilities and a diversified life, which makes young people want to live in peace and buy a home! If you want to stay in a private building, what else can you introduce? This time, I will show you the three Shatin landmarks on the Che Private House estates, and I will not have your heartfelt feelings. “Sha Tin. Trio of Young Cars and Private Buildings” There are three “centers” in Sha Tin District, all of which are popular choices for getting on the car! The first one is the Sha Tin Centre that many people know. As a traditional private housing estate in Shatin District, it is well-located. The housing estate is composed of eight U-shaped buildings and provides nearly 1,500 units. The main area is about 300 square feet with 1-2 rooms on the bus. There is a terrace garden on the top to provide residents with resting space, and the downstairs is a large shopping mall with busy people, which is very convenient for shopping, entertainment and leisure. Since all major shopping malls are connected by sky bridges, no matter what the wind or rain is, there is no need to worry. The housing estate is only a few minutes away from Sha Tin Station. There is also a bus terminal downstairs that provides bus routes from different areas. No wonder it is highly sought after by bus passengers! Another popular housing estate is the Wai Wah Centre in Sha Tin Station. The Weihua Center, developed by Cheung Kong Industrial, has a total of four 832 units. The units are all two-bedroom units. They are very popular with passengers on the bus. However, there are not many sources. If you see it, you can’t miss it. Weihua Center has its own shopping malls downstairs, but friends who live in Sha Tin know that in fact, several shopping malls are buried together, and there are many types of shops! Does the estate have a clubhouse? It doesn’t matter, there are the City Hall, Library, and Sha Tin Park downstairs, all of which are wonderful places. For transportation, Sha Tin Station is the first choice! Even if you go back to the housing estate, there is a bus terminal downstairs that provides a large number of overnight buses and minibuses. The third one I want to introduce is the traditional parking lot in the district: the Hilton Center. This housing estate consists of four buildings, providing 928 units with a saleable area of ​​about 270 to 400 feet. The housing estate mainly provides 2-3 bedrooms, of which more than 70% are two-bedroom units on the bus. The building is directly accessible by elevator. Shopping mall, you can walk to Sha Tin Station in about 5 minutes. Along the way, you pass the Sha Tin Shopping Mall life circle. Except for the Hilton Center shopping mall downstairs, there is a pedestrian bridge connecting the New Town Plaza and the Wai Wah Center. You can! Compared with the above two housing estates, the Hilton Center is close to the Sha Tin Cultural Museum and Che Kung Temple. Savour Hong Kong culture, or want to change your luck? Nothing is easy. The Chengmen River is right next to it. It is very comfortable if you want to step on a bicycle, run and take a walk. Is the above introduction unpleasant? If you want to know more, remember to contact us! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[Cannes Tower]Capital City, Capital City, Leading Peak, High-quality Supporting Pet Paradise📺[Kowloon Bay Tower]Debao Garden Le Nga Court·Telford Garden·Experience the high-quality living estate 📺[New Po Kong Building]Galaxy Mingju·Jun Xian·Yu·Harbor·Replacement of New Buildings 📺[Tseung Kwan O Building]Metropark Bayside·City Station・Cai Ming Court·Visit the body and mind in the middle of prosperity Now the new page of ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Subscribe to the ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like the ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow Official Account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong)


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