Find out more about WAV: Enjoy this? Please Subscribe: For more FLOORPLAN: Floorplan is well known as Robert Hood’s house outlet, but in more recent years the alias has evolved into a family affair with co-production from his daughter, Lyric. The Floorplan project first came to light in 1996 when Hood used it to announce his Drama imprint with the highly sought after’Funky Souls’ EP. After a hiatus lasting nearly a decade, the late 2000’s saw a revitalized Hood re-establish Floorplan into what may now be his most widely known musical outlet. Having watched her father DJ the world over from the shadows and numerous appearances, in the Floorplan DJ set Lyric Hood comes centre-stage alongside her father. Together, their 2016 album’Victorious’ was filled with a diverse collection of dancefloor cuts, fusing influences of house, disco, funk and gospel to showcase a heady array of powerful dance music. Their performances are a marvel to witness, which makes their appearance in The Lab NYC h ighly-anticipated. • • • On WAV, fans can discover new artists and follow their journeys through exclusive content, interactive live streams and behind-the-scenes clips. Aside from being an artist discovery hub, WAV is a producer of quality original series and live-streamed content. Download WAV in the iTunes and Android app stores now. The Lab is powered by VOID Acoustics: Projection Mapping Installation by Integrated Visions: MixmagTV is wirelessly filmed and streamed with Teradek: Subscribe to MixmagTV for more livestreams from around the world and follow Mixmag on Facebook:.


Jackie Chan: Why the Action Star is Hated in Hong Kong

To many in the West, Jackie Chan is a martial arts star and action hero. But back in his birthplace of Hong Kong, he remains deeply unpopular—particularly among the embattled city’s pro-democracy movement. This is the story of a complex Chinese actor . Click here to SUBSCRIBE to VICE Asia: Connect with VICE Asia: Check […]