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Floor Plan Apps can now create professional drawing of a home in under 5 minutes. As mobile phone technology improves, you will be able to use an iPhone, Android, or Tablet to create a full-scale replica of any real estate interior by just walking around and letting the technology do the rest. The floorplan is a drawing to scale that shows the property as seen from above. It shows the relationship between rooms and spaces and the overall layout of the property. Professional floor plans increase customer engagement with the real estate listing or construction project and can even increase the resale value of the property. A study by Rightmove shows that floor plans are one of the most important aspects of marketing a real estate property for sale. How Floor Plans can Help and How you can Create a Floor Plan With Your Mobile Phone… Normally, before visiting the place, agents show the property photos to their clients. However, photos do not necessarily highlight the exact settlements of the houses. Even though the quality of the photos is high, it still cannot represent the layout of the building. Not understanding the distribution of the rooms in an apartment, being not able to see the exact room layout is always leaving question marks in the clients’ mind. Thanks to floor plans, buyers can understand the property flow, the location of the rooms, amenities, and other important property elements. Creating valuable assets such as floor plans to market the property is possible with 2D floor plan apps. Floor plan apps have customized scanning methods that also use the camera of the mobile phone, meaning that no one has to spend hours to sketch and measure the dimensions as back in times. The process of capturing takes a short time and does not exhaust the users. Room layout apps are great options for real estate photographers that are determined to give a rich visuality full of property details to their customers. By sketching the apartment’s floor plans manually the cr eator may commit some errors, thus the new technology may help to reduce the human error in high ratios. A Floor Plan is construction drawing, one of the basic elements of architectural or engineering design. It represents the layout of a given flat, floor, or building, together with the equipment and relevant execution details. It is customary for the projection of a building to describe the shape of a ground floor plan and thus the outline of the building. A fully featured floor plan typically contains all necessary information about the apartment: The total area, number, and dimensions of rooms, location in the building and location relative to the world. We can also read from the projection where the doors, windows, and installation divisions as well as the location of bearing and partition walls . Floorplans are not only used by engineers and architects, but also by property managers, real estate agents, developers and are likely useful for all of us at some point in our lives. Dif ferent stakeholders have different needs regarding a floor plan – sometimes a fully detailed floor plan is needed, while for example in real estate marketing, a simpler floor plan is typically used. When we would like to make renovation in our flat, having an understanding of the floor plan is paramount. Then we can change not only colors, furniture and cover but even the layout of the apartment’s rooms and structures. Every architectural drawing, including floor plans, will have a legend that visually explains the symbols used in the project. It needs to have: 1. Scale or graduation of the floor plan 2. North arrow which is useful to see how daylight will move next to our building and from which side we would have more light or shadow. 3. Items such as the title , owner’s and projectant name, address, number of floors, date. 4. Dimensions of construction axes, openings in the wall, wall length, interior dimensions, 5. Section lines #floorplan #howto #realestate #app #2d #RealEstateCEO .


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