FLOOR PLAN 2 Quest 2 Gameplay // A Crazy New VR Escape Room for Oculus Quest // Floor Plan 2 VR

Floor Plan 2 is absolutely insane. If you’re looking for Quest 2 puzzle games, Quest 2 adventure games or Quest 2 escape room games then great news, Floor Plan 2 VR ticks all those boxes and throws in tonnes of personality, comedy & ridiculous encounters to top it all off. If like me you’re a fan of escape rooms & want a challenge then don’t disregard Floor Plan 2 due to it’s colourful & cartoony visuals, these are some serious puzzles that will leave you scratching your head & searching for clues (I was stuck on the first level for an embarassing amount of time before everything started to click with me). Fans of irreverant comedy like Rick & Morty will also find plenty to love here, characters are hilariously animated & you’ ll often find yourself in some seriously weird situations. Come check out this Floor Plan 2 gameplay / Floor Plan 2 Quest 2 Gameplay that I captured during the tutorial and first full escape room style level of this brand new VR escape room adventure! Floor Plan 2VR / Floor Plan 2 released today on the Oculus Quest platform as well as PC VR, going in I knew I was going to enjoy this one because I love escape rooms, I think there should be far more VR escape room games, especially because we can’t go to real escape rooms right now. However most VR escape room games are a little flat, with no real story or character to drive you through the experience. Floor Plan 2 definitely does not suffer from this problem, the game is jam packed with character and finds interesting ways to throw the player into strange scenarios over and over again. Hop into the time traveling/space defying elevator and before you know it you’ll be standing in front of all manner of weird creatures with new dilemas to solve. The humour here is broad enough to appeal to adults and children alike and amongst the other new Quest 2 games due out this year this one jumps out as a strong family friendly contender. ** PLEASE NOTE **-My only gripe with Floor Plan 2 in its current state is the lack of an ability to move freely around the environments/interact with objects far away. If you have a small or restricted play space/typically play your VR games seated then Floor Plan 2 VR will not be for you. Playing in my fairly small recording space was difficult as you do need to physically move right up to anything you want to interact with, no locomotion and no ability to grab from a distance means this one is for people with room to move around.-Floor Plan 2 Oculus Quest 2-Floor Plan 2 Oculus Quest Gameplay-Floor Plan 2 Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay-Floor Plan 2 First Impressions-Floor Plan 2 Review-VR Escape Room-Quest 2 Puzzle Games-Quest 2 Adventure Games-Quest 2 Escape Room-New Quest 2 Games #Quest2 #Quest2Gameplay #FloorPlan2.


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