Floor Plan 2-East Tower [Full Playthrough / Guide, All Red Harrys] (VR gameplay, no commentary)

Let’s STFU and Play: Floor Plan 2-East Tower [Full Playthrough / Guide, All Red Harrys]
Welcome to Floor Plan 2! In this episode we step onto another physics-defying elevator and solve escape-room style puzzles for our boss at Puzzl HQ… Floor Plan 1 Full Playthrough / Guide here: 00:00 Intro / Menu 01: 48 First day at Puzzl 03:17 Presentation 05:32 Training 15:30 Harry Daycare 17:37 East Tower Elevator 18:37 Mueseum / Prehistoric Room 21:02 Bathroom 21:22 Red Harry 1 22:04 Nightclub / Matches 23:18 Lever Get 24:28 Lever Use 25:57 Feeding the Caveman / Bone 1 26:36 Shades / Party Time 28:20 “Smoke” Canister 28:39 Red Harry 2 29:30 Red Harry 3 30:43 Smuggling the Smoke Canister 31 :42 Lasers / Bone 2 32:32 Key / Egyptian Room 34:28 Pipe / Juice Rain 36:04 Shower Time / Security Hat 38:00 Camera Room / Pyramid Puzzle 39:28 CD Swap 41:16 Dance Like An Egyptian 42: 32 Harry Dropoff / Hand “Presents” 46:04 No Harry Left Behind 46:37 Red Harry 4 47:18 Red Harry 5 48:24 More Hand Presents 50:22 Ms. Steele’s Office / Magic Book Full playlist here: Floor Plan 2 on Steam: SFX: Aqua T een Hunger Force (Space Ghost Coast to Coast (Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law (Archer (TripTank (Spongebob Squarepants (Silcon Valley (Bob’s Burgers (Futurama (Monty Python’s Flying Circus (The Good Place (The Simpsons (Adventure Time (Shameless (Wanderlust (Super Troopers (Coco (Ted (Shrek (Rocky V (Pulp Fiction (Dark Souls (Fuck Tha Police by NWA (Lord Of The Dance by The Dubliners (GrandPOOBear (JonTronShow (Bad Guys (. *WHAT TO WATCH NEXT… STFU’s picks:* All Playlists here:. Second channel: Twitch: Support the channel:..


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