Jackie Chan: Why the Action Star is Hated in Hong Kong

To many in the West, Jackie Chan is a martial arts star and action hero. But back in his birthplace of Hong Kong, he remains deeply unpopular—particularly among the embattled city’s pro-democracy movement. This is the story of a complex Chinese actor . Click here to SUBSCRIBE to VICE Asia: Connect with VICE Asia: Check […]

Legacy Tiny Homes / 5 Tiny House Floorplans

Legacy Tiny Homes manufactured in Texas and Georgia There are 5 different floorplans in Legacy’s line of Tiny Houses Legacy website – www.legacyhousingusa.com Legacy has two tiny house factories. One in Georgia and one in Texas. They deliver tiny homes nationwide. The Tiny Homes House Outlet in Tyler, Texas is a Legacy Dealership. They can […]

Hong Kong Handover: How did the BBC report? – BBC News Chinese

Twenty-five years ago, BBC reporter Feigel Keane witnessed the moment when the last Hong Kong governor Chris Patten left his mansion, the last time the British army stepped forward, and the handover ceremony in the pouring rain. BBC Chinese reviews the BBC news clips from June 30, 1997 to the early morning of July 1, […]

Sketch to Finished Floor Plan : My Process, Graphics and Settings

Follow along as I turn a design concept sketch into an architectural floor plan. Learn the graphic conventions I use, my detailed settings, along with tips and simple techniques you can use to improve your drawings. our ideas in physical space, but they’re also powerful tools you can leverage as part of your design process. […]

Quickly import, scale and crop PDF floor plans | pCon.planner Tutorial

This video shows you the basics functions of using floor plans in pCon.planner. You will learn how to import, scale and crop PDF floor plans correctly. 0:00 Intro 0:13 Import PDF floor plans 0:36 Scale floor plans 1: 49 Crop floor plans 2:23 Outro Basic-Tutorial: How to get started Other specific Tutorial: Lines and free […]

I tried using a real floorplan to recreate a house in The Sims 4

I found a floorplan I loved so I tried to recreate it in The Sims Daily Twitch streams! The house! merch link in bio Find me elsewhere! ★ Twitter: ★ Instagram: ★ Twitch Streams: ★ Stream Reuploads: ★ Sims Gallery: lilsimsie This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen […]

Hong Kong people are fighting a tough battle, life is in chaos under the epidemic, and relatives and friends around them have also been diagnosed⋯ @凯政WallaceYim[VLOG]|Dida Produced

Recently, I keep contacting my family and friends every day… I know that everyone’s life is really not easy… Hong Kong people, come on, hold on, hold on T_T In addition, there is also a video of our cooperation on @wallaceyim (remember to support it): #香港病毒#癫痫#Hong Kong------------------------------- Dida ►► YT → IG → tiktokyin Recommended […]