Business Women’s Wealth Management Big Big Challenge|[Fortune Live]Chen Minsi, Li Shaojuan | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-[Business Women Wealth Management Big Big Challenge]#美联公寓​​ #置富直播台​​ #楼市📺 Wong Chuk Hang Loulou Channel: 👉 How to bury Wong Chuk Hang in the new market: 👉 Have any For questions about the property market or mortgage, please leave a message below, or inquire with our online customer service: 👉 Download the new and upgraded version #美联 Bamboo APP​​ 👉 The most complete list of 17 search conditions in the whole bank 🔍 New Join #Map搵楼​​#港铁步距离Search​​🚇搵Building in one step! #Real estate competition​​ ⚖️ to help you choose a Fit plate! #首创代理带睇楼​​, Internet celebrity agent self-portraits 📹 Sign in and enjoy# Personalized information and cross-platform seamless experience​​! ———- With the increasing income of women, the demand for personal and family wealth management has increased, and the balance of wealth and life has become a major issue. In recent years, women leaders in the technology and financial circles have emerged in large numbers. Today, we invite two A strong woman in the industry and economics, Chen Minsi, Co-Chairman of the Insurance Technology Committee of the Hong Kong Fintech Association, and Li Shaojuan, Senior District Sales Manager of HongKongFloorPlans’s Tsim Sha Tsui Luxury Division, discuss the wealth outlook of the new generation of women and share how business women overcome challenges in investment Achieve personal financial goals and overall investment philosophy. Go to the official website of ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow public account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐ Wonderful revisit⭐ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺 Yuan Xueqian’s off-land travel KOL’s post geography wealth |[Zhifu Live]Yuan Xueqian, Bu Shaoming , Liu Jiahui 📺 Don’t want to be a busy man! ? Finding the blind spots of wage-earners in financial management one by one |[Fortune Live Broadcast]Yan Yaohui, Zhang Zicun, Liang Baiji 📺 What business opportunities are there when acting as agents to talk about the advantages of the time and place? |[Fortune Live Broadcast]Cho Zhenbang and Liu Jiahui 📺 Qing sisters are all buying? Deconstruction of the great potential of the south coast of Hong Kong Island |[Fortune Live Broadcast]Hu Mengqing, Bu Shaoming, Liu Jiahui 📺 What to choose? Smart Lady talks, you know the tips for buying wealth for girls|[Fortune Live]Cola, Zeng Kaiqun, Zhang Yongsi 📺 The new trend of “home life” in the post-epidemic era “buildings”|[Fortune Live]Fang Tianming, Bu Shaoming, Huang Hancheng 📺 How many years did the post-80s get on the car to record income and reduce expenditure? |[Fortune Live Station]Dai Jianzhang, Zhang Zicun, Cao Deming 📺 Lin Zuo’s philosophy of “getting on the bus” behind the McDonald’s road mansion|[Fortune Live Station]Lin Zuo, Bu Shaoming, Liu Jiahui 📺 What do the rich buy? Deconstructing Regal Investment Thinking|[Fortune Live Station]Wang Rongkun, Zeng Kaiqun, Liu Jiahui 📺 Follow the new trend of wealth management in the hands of big players|[Fortune Live Station]Lu Tinglong, Bu Shaoming, Liu Jiahui 📺 Hong Kong Dawang City News ? New deployment of home mortgage |[Fortune Live]Ye Jingqiang, Zhang Zicun, Cao Deming 📺 Will the urban railroads disappear? Wong Chuk Hang Supply Review|[Fortune Live Channel]Lin Zibin, Liu Jiahui, Xu Zhiqiang 📺 Kowloon new disc melee Ho Man Tin vs Southwest Kowloon point pick? |[Fortune Live]1% Anthony, Tse Ka-shing, and Pan Haomin 📺 How to enter the top international school network? Southern District School Selection Tips |[Fortune Live Broadcast]Liang Yongle, Bu Shaoming, Li Weiqiang 📺 The next new ticket king after Bo Aozhuang? Guide to “World Disk” at Wong Chuk Hang Station|[Fortune Live Broadcasting]Sir, Fang Fuyi, Cho Zhenbang 📺 Buy a house and buy infrastructure! The number of potential markets in Hong Kong|[Fortune Live Station]Bu Shaoming, Wei Wenjun, and Liu Jiahui 📺 The Year of the Ox is the owner to make a move to buy rich tips|[Fortune Live Station]#司徒法基​​ #布少明​📺 Capture the opportunity of property stocks in the year of the ox investment offensive and defensive battle|[置富直播台]#石健明​​ #张子存​​ #曹德明​ 📺 Interpreting the stock signal from data from a new angle of investment|[置富直播台]#蔡嘉民​#刘嘉辉​ #梁柏基​ 📺 Has the worst time passed? New pattern of industrial and commercial shops|[置富直播台]#黄汉成​ #刘嘉辉​ 📺 Analysis of the housing market in Yingniu after the epidemic|[置富直播台]#刘嘉辉​ 📺 The new order of the investment market will win “wisdom” in 2021 Deployment|[置富直播台]#李思聪​ #张子存​ #梁柏基​ 📺 Is the “Xiaoyangchun” coming? 2021 home ownership has an early opportunity! |【之富直播台】#布少明​ #刘嘉辉​ 📺 2021 “revenge sales”? Focus on new developments first |[置富直播台]#黄光耀​ #布少明​ 📺 Post-epidemic investment opportunities in 2021 treasure hunt strategy |[置富直播台]#潘启才​ #曾庆声​ 📺 Mortgage new normal home ownership “Dangerous “‧”Machine” and “Demolition”|【之富直播台】#谂Sir​ #曹德明​ 📺 Don’t want to miss the bamboo shoots? Insiders say you know how to enter the market|[Fortune Live Station]#1%Anthony #陈光裕​ 📺 Is the epidemic parallel to the time and space funds continue to flow into super luxury houses? |【置富直播台】#汤文亮​ #方富义​ 📺 Treasure hunting guide for property and commodity investment auctions|【置富直播台】#尹志强​ #汤文亮​ #林子彬​ 📺 Is the era of recovery coming? New deployment of property shares after the election! |[置富直播台]#黄德几​ #刘嘉辉​ 📺 Salary reduction and unemployment! How can I protect myself? |[置富直播台]#唐耀贤​ #陈光裕​ #曹德明​ 📺 Seek growth in the “interest-loss” era. Q4 investment themes to catch one by one|[置富直播台]#林家亨​ #刘嘉辉​ #曹德明​ 📺 buy How to buy stocks in real estate, start by looking at the chart? |【之富直播台】#Ann姐​ #张家豪​ #刘嘉辉​ 📺 New building new stock boom treasure hunting strategy|【之富直播台】#郭思治​ #温伟明​ #布少明​ 📺 Have you ever gotten a new home? Home Ownership vs. Private House Competition! |【置富直播台】#1%Anthony #陈光裕​ #曹德明​ 📺 The record of a rich man buying a house, a real estate acquisition, a mortgage, a transfer, and a real experience|【置富直播台】#方富义​ #曹德明​ 📺 Achievements on boarding Unlock pass~crack~The strategy is open! |【置富直播台】#蒋一洪​ #曹德明​ 📺 New economy vs. old economy real estate investment strategy deployment|【置富直播台】#陆振球​ #刘嘉辉​ 📺 Adversity of the market to buy parking spaces and invest in self-use full strategy|【Set富LIVE台】#叶景强​ #关启峰​ #曹德明​ 📺 Buying a house and collecting rent = financial freedom? Calculate mortgage and rental returns! |[置富直播台]#谂Sir​ #张子存​ #曹德明​ 📺 Is the investment intersection now time to purchase? |[置富直播台]#钟俊锵​ #布少明​ #曹德明​ 📺 Will the rent become longer? ! Buying a property to achieve financial freedom|[置富直播台]#叶景强​ #曹德明​ 📺 BNO Immigration to the UK Guide|[置富直播台]#周定国​ #袁诗雅​ 📺 Experts have tricks! “One room becomes two” combat skills |[Fortune Live Station]#1%Anthony #张子存​ #曹德明​ 📺 Is it spicy or spicy for couples to jointly buy a building? |[置富直播台]#蒋一洪​ #张子存​ #曹德明​ 📺 Low fishing for “alternative” shoots? Dismantling the mortgage plan! |【置富直播台】#谂Sir​ #曹德明​ 📺 Buying a property in fluctuating market-the bank will not tell you the mortgage financial skills|【置富直播台】#谂Sir​ #曹德明​ 📺 Ma’anshan 89 Tiandi Network School Selection Finding a building must win the way! |[置富直播台]#曾广豪​ #吴梓锋​ 📺 Do you want to count when buying new disks? ! Supply + Mortgage Raiders|【Fortune Live Station】#刘嘉辉​ #曹德明​ 📺 1 Yuen Long and 3 school nets? Tips for choosing a school and building a building for prevention! |[置富直播台]#曾广豪​ #林振华​ 📺 Is Hong Kong now capitalist? Data to see the truth!|[置富直播台]#关焯照​ #刘嘉辉​ 📺 New development prospects in the second half of the year and new deployments launched by developers|[置富直播台]#黄光耀​ #布少明​ 📺 Low cost Strategies for Immigration and Studying Abroad|【Fortune Live Station】#陈慧敏​ #郑天阴​.


PARK YOHO, Kam Tin North, Yuen Long

PARK YOHO, Kam Tin North, Yuen Long Easy Fat Property Inspection Group, a subsidiary of Xindi, has announced the last issue of PARK YOHO Bologna, located in Kam Tin North, Yuen Long. The 14-storey building is divided into two wings, A and B, with 164 units, including duplex standard units. The developer launched the sale […]

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Taikoo Shing|Waihaofeng|Quarry Bay|Taikoo|Loss offer, discounted offer|How much money will there be three bedrooms? |41-year-old building VS 18-year-old building|Second-hand property|Indicator housing estate|Swire Properties|Henderson Land|Properties are up to you|Easy Property Viewing Group The Yifa Property Inspection Group’s report on Hong Kong’s property market suggests that second-hand properties will continue to reduce in price in order to encourage […]