BNO specializes in stupid Hong Kong people! The British treacherously feared that Hong Kong would not be chaotic. Why should Hong Kong people become second-class citizens? The 1997 immigration wave finally returned and repeated the same mistakes again? 【Qu Ji Street Interview #41】

❤️Free subscription to Quji TV: Table of Contents 00:00 Preview 00:31 Will you apply for BNO to move to the UK 01:38 China is considering not recognizing BNO, because the UK has violated its promise 02:21 The British government is out of political considerations on the BNO issue 03:17 The 1997 immigration wave finally returned, repeating the same mistakes again? 04:32 There are young netizens who have announced that they will establish a new Hong Kong in the UK. 05:30 Is the media advocating that a large number of Hong Kong people want to emigrate and leave Hong Kong? 06:38 How does the United Kingdom take in Hong Kong’s large amount of talent funds? 08:22 Hong Kong is a blessed land, do not want to become a second-class citizen of the United Kingdom? 09:49 Citizens’ words to young people who choose to leave Hong Kong #BNO #中英联合告#Second-class citizens welcome to follow and like other platforms of Quji TV: Facebook: Station B: Welcome to join the Quji TV group: Whatsapp group: Telegram News Release: Glass Cooking Room Series —————————————- Interview with Deng Jingcheng (Part 1) (Part 2) Interview with Liang Zhenying (Part 1) (CIMC) (Part 2) Interview with Qu Yingyan (Complete Works) Qu Ji TV Street Interview Series ————— ————————- Illegal assembly and parade are rejected! The normal life of Hong Kong people should not be kidnapped, release the false proposition of “12 concealers” to prevent the fourth wave of epidemics! Tan Dezhi’s “quickly” incitement was well deserved, the United States used Hong Kong’s special status to suppress China, and young people were irrational and exploited! “The Twelve Concealed Escapes” Li Yuxuan throws himself into the net to send him off, and the YMCA is used as a political victim! Pan-popular fundraising disappears? ! DQ members should no longer stay in office, and the pan-civilian internal struggle is “one hundred thousand”. Young people become black and violent. Decoding the neighborhood: Life only has a six-and-a-half-inch circle of friends Hong Kong version of the National Security Law to prevent speculation! There is a double standard for the pan-people | The country must take action to stop violence and curb the controversy of 13-year-old reporters in Hong Kong | Hong Kong reporters are not short of numbers but only prime numbers | Does the fourth right need to be supervised? Who is Lin Zexu? Britain launched the Opium War to prevent the Chinese from inhaling opium? Is the primary school general studies teacher tampering with history? The history teacher who knows all elementary school students made a mistake? Peruvians stranded in Hong Kong should be responsible for the expenses | Chinese can go to the Chinese Embassy for help | Traveling should first buy insurance Qu Yingyan’s voice series ———————– —————– Report to the National Security Agency! Sacrificing the flag to the opposition is the biggest deterrent to the black violence “Hong Kong independence”! The one who doesn’t know is not guilty, it is not a defense for breaking the law! Judge, are you sure of the verdict? ! The judiciary is questioned, why can Ma Daoli and Zhang Ju not explain the “two anonymous letters” suspicious group? Wanted fugitive “Luo Guancong” makes Hong Kong more beautiful? Are there channels inside and outside of the “Zhu Kaidi” establishment? Does the Education Bureau control too little? A ship of bailers smuggled into Taiwan. Who would dare to hold the head of the judge Ma Daoli accountable? For 48 hours without sleep, who is grateful to the Hong Kong police? The government should kill a hundred people, use Huang Zhifeng to attack, to deter the culture of the bottom! Zhihua in-depth talk series —————————————- “China, the United States, Japan and Russia” The new world pattern hides oil paintings, and Taiwan can only be a bystander. The password of “The Woman Who Rubs Mahjong” is actually a great scam of the century? Professor Zhang Wuchang is grateful to the United States for sanctions / Hong Kong Trump does not sanction China and Hong Kong officials for a reason / The United States has made a lot of thunder and rained down the small Hong Kong version of the National Security Law into a straight road, Xiao Ruoyuan anxiously walks away, and Martin Lee has quickly turned dark blue? Chen Fang Ansheng will be arrested? ? The follow-up conspiracy of Trump sanctions: impact on the linked exchange rate, decline in Hong Kong’s sovereign rating, divestment… / Big explosion of the hidden interests of the United States in Hong Kong. The implementation of the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” has more advantages than disadvantages. The National Security Law is to safeguard one country, two systems and prevent one country from becoming two. country! Reversal wins! Trump turned the anti-epidemic burden into a campaign weapon, and wanted China to kill cats in order to win the election! Trump carefully crafted a modern version of the Eight-Nation Alliance in response to China’s shocking plan! .


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