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Ap Lei Chau is located in the southern district of Hong Kong and is an island off Aberdeen. It is surrounded by the sea and the living environment and natural landscape are quite attractive. In recent years, many luxury houses have been completed, most of which have surrounding sea views, making them a hot community in the market. . Since the opening of the South Island Line in 2016, Ap Lei Chau has added two additional stations, including South Horizons Station in the west and Lee Tung Station in the east. It only takes about 11 minutes to drive from South Horizons to Admiralty; from Lee Tung Station, it only takes 7 minutes, which saves the time needed to travel through the Ap Lei Chau Bridge and then the Aberdeen Tunnel to the city. Therefore, many people who have reworked in the urban area would not mind taking a few stops to settle in Ap Lei Chau and enjoy the coastal scenery. In addition, there is a large bus terminal in Lei Tung Village, with multiple bus lines running between Aberdeen, Central and Eastern District, etc. Residents have multiple choices for commuting to and from the city. The Southern District has always been the back garden of Hong Kong, and Ap Lei Chau is uniquely blessed with many sea views. Those who choose to live in this district are all users who are looking for landscape. Because Ap Lei Chau has a deep bay to the east; Ocean Park to the southeast; Lamma Island to the southwest. Open sea views are hard to find in the urban area. Therefore, the private buildings here have always been valuable and popular in the market. Living in the Southern District, not all of the life elements are related to the sea, and all are enjoyable, including the Deep Bay Yacht Club, which will show you who loves to go out to sea. And when you go to the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter area, you can taste seafood delicacies and feel the atmosphere of the typhoon shelter in the past. Of course, there is the Ocean Park that Hong Kong people collectively remember. Ap Lei Chau is dominated by residential buildings. Residents can go to Lidong Mall for consumption. There are large supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, restaurants, etc., which can fully meet the needs of the people’s livelihood. In addition, I have to mention the South Horizons Plaza in the southwest. It can be said that this is the OUTLET of Ap Lei Chau. It is a treasure hunt for famous brands. Many fashion, children’s clothing and furniture stores have all kinds of deductions. There are so many shops. It’s not going to end all day. Ap Lei Chau is inseparable from the sea, and activities in the area are also dominated by the sea. There is Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter nearby. Residents can sigh seafood at any time or go to the cooked food center on the second floor of the Ap Lei Chau Municipal Building. Good seafood, then cook it with a familiar store. In addition, the Deep Bay Yacht Club is a gathering place for people who like to go out to sea, and it also attracts many foreigners to gather. Of course, the Ocean Park on the opposite bank is a place for adults to have fun! In recent years, Ap Lei Chau Main Street has also undergone improvement works. The pavement has been stacked into dragon boats and sailing boats, and characteristic street lights have been installed. A 10-meter-high observation deck is set up in the Tower of Wind Park, which looks like a traditional fishing boat. They are full of the fishery color of Ap Lei Chau in the past. The residents of Ap Lei Chau have a first-class environment, attracting many foreigners to live, so there are many famous international schools nearby, including Montessori International School, the Canadian International School on the opposite side of Shenzhen Bay, Singapore International School, and Shanghai Victoria School, etc. . For more information about the district, please contact the following branches immediately. Go to the official website of ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram account: follow public account :Meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong)


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