[Alternative Investment-Paper Collection]Continuing from the collection of bills in the previous episode, “receipts” used to be flooded in daily life. What is the trick to increase the price of “waste paper” by 10 times or more? | Hong Kong 香港

You and I have rent receipts, purchase certificates, and electricity bills, and some of them are even more readily available! What are the precautions for buying receipt collections? What are the key factors for value enhancement? Waiting for the collector of second-hand paper products, and Brother Dong, the executive director of Hunting Treasure Pavilion, to share with me. Special thanks-Xunbao Pavilion 👉 HongKongFloorPlans “#美联信息指数”: “#美联信息指数” tracks the price changes of #online listings every week. Market sentiment, forward-looking and future market trends, buying and selling are accurate, cheap, and fast enough! 👉 Download the new and upgraded version of #美联琴盘 APP 👉 The most comprehensive 17 search criteria in the whole bank 🔍 Newly added #地图搵楼# MTR step distance search 🚇 Find the building in one step! #客房大比赛⚖️ Help you choose the best bamboo shoots for Fit! #初创代理见带场屋屋, Internet celebrity agent selfie bamboo shoot plate📹 Login to enjoy #Personalized property search information and cross-platform seamless experience! ▼▼See more▼▼ Go to the official website of HongKongFloorPlans: Subscribe to the YouTube channel of HongKongFloorPlans: Like the Facebook page of HongKongFloorPlans: Follow HongKongFloorPlans on Instagram: Follow the public account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong)