30,000 ➔ 40,000 subscriptions|Answer questions to win iPhone 14!|Host Q&A|Includes NG clips|Easy property viewing group

30,000 ➔ 40,000 subscriptions|Answer questions to win iPhone 14!|Host Q&A|Includes NG clips|Easy property viewing group

[Yifa Property Inspection Group 🏠30,000 Subscription Appreciation Festival]30,000➔40,000 Subscription|Answer to win an iPhone14!|Host Q&A|YouTube Channel with NG clip 28Hse finally broke through 40,000 subscribers! In order to thank everyone for their support, 28Hse will have a lucky draw. The prizes include iPhone14 128GB, Dyson hair dryer, Airpod pro 2, Disney tickets, 100 yuan supermarket coupon, etc. Viewers who are interested in participating can first subscribe to 28Hse’s YouTube Channel, then click on the link in the community post, fill in the form and answer questions. The deadline is July 21, 2023. The last lottery question asks about the views on the property market. The following are two recent popular housing policies, which may be provided for your reference. In recent months, the government announced the “resurrection” of the Private Participation Housing Scheme, named “Happy Building”. The biggest difference from the past is that there will no longer be a “subsidy guarantee” system. In the past, in order to increase profits, developers used “lower price” contractors, resulting in inferior quality of units. Therefore, the government will not repurchase unsold units this time, and developers also need to hire independent persons to check and accept the quality of the units. To solve the housing problem, the most important thing is to have sufficient supply. Let us wait and see whether “Le Jianju” can attract developers to participate. Since the introduction of counter-cyclical measures in 2009, the government has relaxed property mortgage restrictions for the first time in 14 years, including adjusting the maximum mortgage ratio for self-use properties. Originally, it was only intended to benefit first-home buyers, but now it is applicable to all self-occupied properties. However, without relaxing the stress test requirements, the monthly income must be high enough to apply for more loans. Some analysts pointed out that the relevant relaxation measures are only for those who change flats. However, passengers who get on the bus can reduce the payment of mortgage insurance premiums, because the proportion of the additional loan is reduced. In fact, when Mr. Choi “released the wind” to consider relaxing the first-home mortgage ratio earlier, there were many opinions in the market. For example, increase the maximum mortgage ratio to 95%; or restore the previous 70% mortgage ceiling, so that first-time buyers can choose to buy a home with 30% down payment, no mortgage insurance and zero premium; “Program”, which provides low-interest loans of 300,000 yuan and 600,000 yuan for first-time home buyers, so that eligible citizens can get a car in the first installment. Although these suggestions were not implemented in the end, or version 2.0 appeared, they are worth thinking about. Lucky Draw Form: Want to see more videos: If you have any real estate and want to know more, remember to leave a message to let us know📢! ! [Remember to help like👍our Facebook and subscribe to 🛎YouTube channel, and set the 28Hse page as “First Look/See First🧐”]Facebook: 📸Instagram: 📱Twitter: 🎞YouTube: #28Hse #4 10,000 subscriptions #subscribe #减泡购价#陈毛波#推保#乐建居#私人参考建筑屋屋#40ksubscibe #iphone #dyson #airpod #Disney#like #share #ng #易发见庄团#搵楼#租屋#租楼#28hse #新盘#Secondhand#Buy House#Home#Design


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