2B Jasmine Suites – 3 Floorplans || The Sims 4 || ts4

The video showcases three floorplan ideas for apartment 2B Jasmine Suites in Shan Myshuno, with each plan accommodating up to five Sims. The video is short and the creator encourages viewers to check out more Sims 4 content on their channel or in the suggested playlist. The creator also provides social media links, including an invitation to become a member, their TikTok, Twitter, and Origin ID. The music used is “Love U Better” from Epidemic Sounds. None of the floorplans or Sims are shown in the video.

Here is a very short video with 3 floorplan ideas for the apartment 2B Jasmine Suites in Shan Myshuno. Floorplan 1: Room for up to 3 sims Floorplan 2: Room for up to 4 sims Floorplan 3: Room for up to 5 sims Hope you enjoy this short video and for more The Sims 4 content check out my channel: ❤️ Or for more videos like this, check out the playlist: ❤️ ________________________________________________________ 💜Social Links: ♥️ Become a Member: ♥️ PikTok: ️♥️ est Twitter: ♥️ : ♥️ Origin ID: SerefinaYT _______________________________________________________ 🎵Music: Epidemic Sounds ♥️ Love U Better __________________________________________________________ #TheSims4 #Sims4Shorts #Shorts