122 Hakim House – 3 Floorplans || The Sims 4 || ts4

Here is a very short video with 3 floorplan ideas for the apartment 122 Hakim House in Shan Myshuno. Floorplan 1: Room for up to 5 sims Floorplan 2: Room for up to 6 sims Floorplan 3: Room for up to 6 sims Hope you enjoy this short video and for more The Sims 4 content check out my channel: ❤️ Or for more videos like this, check out the playlist: ❤️ ______________________________________________________ 💜Social Links: ♥️ Become a Member: ♥️ TikTok: ♥️ Twitter: ♥️ Instagram: ♥️ Pinterest : ♥️ Origin ID: SerefinaYT _______________________________________________________ 🎵Music: Epidemic Sounds ♥️ Something More Than Friends ________________________________________________________ #TheSims4 #Sims4Shorts #Shorts


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