📈 Emerging investment upstart! The Law of Appreciation of Pu’er Tea🫖|【Fortune Live Channel】Gui Xiang, Cai Jianglin (Candice) | Hong Kong 香港

#美伦Property​​ #Invest🗯 #pu’er tea🫖 Chinese people 🇨🇳 drink tea☕️ for thousands of years 🕰 There are a wide variety of #puer tea cake #tea brick #loose tea, etc. The longer it is placed, the more precious it is🔮 So Pu’er Tea is known as a drinkable antique🏆 It has the value of #long-term investment and #collection💰 New tea lovers who want to try Pu’er tea investment🙋‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️, which channels can you use now? 💡 In this episode #美聯福生活📺 Please 嚟#Poly Hong Kong Auction Zhenming Wine Department Director # Mr. Guixiang, to share #aged Pu’er Tea☕️🫖Investment rules🗯, Zhonghui will talk about burying #陈皮and all kinds of #馦白味🍽🥂 and other introductions! Special thanks – Poly Auction Hong Kong 🗣 Sharing content in this episode: 00:00 📝Emerging Investments✨ upstarts! Pu-erh tea ☕️ appreciation 📈 rule! 02:22 Tea classification 🫖 and entry threshold 🔗 If you know it! 04:32🔎Strict selection of Pu’er tea criteria📚! 05:10 Chashan ⛰ “New Favorite 👶🏻”: “Iceland” excels! ✅ 07:15🎁Bring you a tea investment buddy 🙆🏼‍♂️A must-win kit💰! Tea Investment 🗯📚 Channel Doloro! New tea / old refreshment distinction? 🕵🏻‍♂️ 10:19 The development of China 🇨🇳 is accelerating, and the appreciation potential of Pu-erh tea📈? 11:56💡How to save the best state after purchase? 13:25 Based on the appearance and smell of tea cakes / tea bricks / loose tea 🔬, how to identify 🎖 that it is still well preserved? 14:57 Auction house 🏢 Solicitation, spring and autumn auctions provide appraisal 🛎 good opportunities 📚? 15:30 How to avoid 🙈 buying imitations 🤨? 17:57🔮Delicious food and all kinds of flavors: bird’s nest, fish maw, abalone are suitable for personal use and investment! 👉 Midland Property “#MeilianConfidence Index”: “#MeilianConfidence Index” tracks the price changes of #online listings every week. As an auxiliary leading indicator of #MeilianPropertyPrice Index, it helps you keep abreast of market sentiment and look ahead After the market trend, the trading is accurate enough, sticky enough, and fast enough! 👉 Download the new and upgraded version of the #美liansunpan APP 👉 The whole bank has the most complete 17 search criteria 🔍Newly added #MAP搵lou# MTR step distance search 🚇搵lou in one step! #real estate competition⚖️ To help you choose the Fit bamboo shoots! #First agent to take a look at the property, and the Internet celebrity agent takes a selfie shoot 📹 enjoy #personalized property information and seamless cross-platform experience! ▼▼View more▼▼ Go to the official website of Midland Property: Subscribe to Midland Property YouTube Channel: Like Midland Property Facebook Page: Follow Midland Property Instagram: Follow Official Account: meilian_hk (Meilian Property Hong Kong) #Meilian Property#Meilian Finance#Meilian Fortune Live# Zhifu Live Station#Antique that can be drunk#Pu’er tea#investment#aged Pu’er#tea cake#tea brick#陈皮#abalone# Bird’s Nest #AlternativeInvestment