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👍Tai Po Bamboo Plate Promotion: 🏠Tai Po Plaza page: 🏠Treasure Lake Garden page: 🏠Talent Bay page: 💬Online customer service query: Hong Kong has a small land and a large number of people, and the land is particularly expensive, so when you buy a building, everyone I want to buy a dream house with four squares and high practicality rate. You can use every inch of the space and live comfortably! Tai Po is a new town in Hong Kong in the 1980s. The residential buildings built at that time were mostly practical, and the local area was particularly washed out. After years of development, Yijia has complete facilities in Tai Po and convenient transportation, so it attracts a lot of passengers to get on the bus. This time, I will introduce three well-spaced housing estates in Tai Po. The first is Tai Po Plaza, a home ownership housing estate on An Tai Road, with a total of 5 blocks of about 1,400 units, of which two-bedroom units with a construction area of ​​about 400 to 500 square feet are the main products. The biggest selling point is the window sill and the entrance. Wide trips within the inner line, the practical rate is as high as 83%. Another attraction is that it is located in the center of Tai Po. The bus terminal is downstairs. There are different bus lines to various places in Hong Kong and Kowloon. In addition to the two-story shopping mall on the base, there are large shopping malls such as Tai Po Center, Tai Po Super City and Changyun Center around the housing estate. You can walk to the market of Dayuan Village, which is very convenient for shopping and food. Crossing from Tai Po Plaza to the opposite bank of the river in Lam Village via the Baoxiang Bridge, it is another private housing estate, Baohu Garden. This housing estate was developed by Henderson Land Development and was occupied in 1990. Although the housing estate is not as large as Tai Po Plaza, the five buildings provide a total of 800 units, of which two rooms and three rooms are the main ones, but the utility rate is also as high as 83%. The units have no window sills and are well spaced. Ranging from 343 to 561 square feet. The housing estate is not only close to the Tai Po Super City, but one street to the south to reach Kwong Fuk Road. There are a large number of restaurants and livelihood shops. You can also walk to the Tai Po Market Municipal Building, which has a gymnasium, a cooked food center and other facilities. It takes a little longer to reach the Tai Po Market Railway Station, and there are a large number of buses and minibuses leaving the city on Kwong Fuk Road. The degree of convenience is definitely not as good as that of Tai Po Plaza. If you think the above two housing estates are very old and want to live in a new and luxurious residence, you can pay attention to Providence Bay at Pak Shek Kok Branch Road. The entire housing estate is divided into three phases, phases 1 and 2 of Yue Yue, and phase 3 of the sea diamond, a total of 66 blocks, of which 40 are stratified buildings and 26 are independent houses. Units can be as small as one-bedroom and as large as five-bedroom units. They are mainly 3 and 4-bedroom units, with square and practical partitions, and the furniture is easy to place. The landscape is the selling point of housing estates, so many units can see the invincible sea view of Tolo Harbour. In terms of supporting facilities, there are special buses to Tai Po Market and University MTR station. There are shopping malls at Sea Diamond and the nearby Mayfair, and a luxurious clubhouse in Xingyue. There are also different restaurants in the Science Park, and living facilities are not a problem. Tai Po is a good place to live with pleasant scenery. It has a comprehensive cycle track network and you can also go for a run in the waterfront park. It is also not far from Pat Sin Leng, Tai Mei Tuk, Plover Cove Reservoir and other places. People who like outdoor activities are the most popular. Appropriate. In addition, Hong Kong Malvern International School opened a school in Pak Shek Kok in 2018, attracting a group of parents and customers to settle in, becoming another selling point in Tai Po District. 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