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Whenever a new property is repossessed, the owner’s most concern must be related to water, because the serious water leakage will affect the building structure and power supply system at any time, and even endanger the safety of life. Mr. Lai Daming, technical director of Hong Kong Justice Bank, teaches the leak detection method. You must be smart in building inspection, and you must have your eyesight 👀! Immediately use the brand-new property search artifact-“Wu Mi Chat” to contact professional customer service to help you search the complete area of ​​the bamboo plate, pick your favorite water and then make an appointment to look at the property, and be a smart property searcher! More home buying tips:


【Fanling North New Project】🌟Fanling North has rare new supply to take the lead in the development of the northern capital💪🏻 | Hong Kong 香港

#美聯物業#fanlingbei#OneInnovale 【#fanlingbei#新報】🌟Fanlingbei has rare new supply to seize the development opportunity of the northern capital💪🏻 👉🏻Contact (VIP channel does not need to make an appointment): 📞Dicky Yip 9422 -3945 👉🏻 👉🏻 Immediately contact our licensed customer service helper📲 👉🏻 Now see the details of the new property: Property No.: P000001181 Ad Date: 05/08/2022 🎉 Fanling […]

【Recommended by agent Natalie】Room A, High Floor, Tower 1, Xiyang | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Natalie Wong (S-611275) Property Promotion: 🏠Xiyang Tower 1 High Floor Flat A (Property No.: M250358045) Property Address: No. 393-399, Yuanzhou Street, Cheung Sha Wan Usable Area: 491 feet Interval: 2 bedrooms Unit Facilities/Features: Even Terrace Property Facilities: Clubhouse, Swimming Pool Browse Bamboo Pallet Details: Advertisement Date: 28/7/2022 Housing Estate: 275 units of […]