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Hello everyone, and welcome to teach novices. Besides relying on lottery to buy a new disk, you have to do your homework! This episode will teach you how to make a deal in 7 steps! The first step is to observe the sales brochure. The developer shall provide the sales brochure no later than 7 days before the pre-sale of the project, so that prospective buyers can understand the information of the new property, such as location, interval, area, estimated key date, etc.; the information is uploaded to the first hand The residential property sales information website can also be checked on the project website and sales office. In addition, the developer shall announce the price list and sales arrangement at least 3 days before the sale of the project. Everyone should pay attention to the date, time and location of the sale, and the sale of the unit. And how to pick up buildings. The second step is to view the show flats. Many first-hand residential properties in Hong Kong are pre-sold uncompleted. Prospective buyers can learn more about the project that they want through the show flats. Developers will generally provide “renovated” show flats. Demonstration units with consistent “delivery standards” are commonly known as “clear water houses”. The third step, the so-called “ticket entry” refers to the prospective buyer to register and subscribe, and attach the promissory note as the intention to register. Developers usually draw lots before opening the sale to determine the order of building selection. In addition to lottery sales, some first-hand residential properties are also sold on a first-come, first-served basis or by tender. The fourth step is to choose the building, sign the temporary contract, and place the detailed order. On the day of the sale, the buyer can choose the building in sequence, choose the payment plan, sign the temporary sales and purchase agreement, and pay the temporary deposit equivalent to 5% of the property price. Developers generally provide “Payment on Demand” and “Payment for Construction Period”. That is to say, the mortgage is to apply for a mortgage, pay the balance, and start making contributions within a short period of time after purchase. Generally, you can enjoy more discounts; the construction period is to wait for the owner to take over the building before making contributions. The fifth step is to sign a formal sale and purchase agreement within 5 working days after signing the provisional contract. Otherwise, it will be deemed to have given up the transaction and the developer has the right to confiscate the temporary deposit. At the same time as the formal sale and purchase agreement is signed, the buyer needs to pay a formal deposit of 5% of the property price, commonly known as “big order”, and pay the property stamp duty. The sixth step is to apply for a mortgage. After processing the sale and purchase agreement, the next step is to apply for a mortgage at the bank. After the transaction is completed, you can wait for legal procedures such as project entry and transfer. The last step is to accept the building after receiving the notice of occupation. After receiving the building, there is still a part of building inspection. Buyers can not only inspect the building themselves, but also hire a professional building inspector to inspect the building on their behalf. Labels can be affixed where the unit finds the problem so that the developer can follow up. 📌 If you have any questions about the property market or mortgage, please leave a message below or ask our online customer service: ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺【Novice Teaching】Discover Dawan District 5 “Limited” words order 📺【Beginners teaching】90% guarantee to get on the car FAQ 📺【Novices teaching】Practical guide to renting a building 📺【Novice teaching】Guidelines for real estate purchase in the Greater Bay Area United Realty”: Subscribe to the YouTube channel of ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Like the ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow public account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong).


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