【New Disk Pursuit】Fotan Station Xingkai·Dike seizes the railway opportunity | Hong Kong 香港

#新disk#fotan#Star Kai Embankment Tickets or enquiries can be contacted (VIP channel does not need to make an appointment): 📞 Andy Chan 👉🏻 📞 Now Wong 👉🏻 📞Joey Lim 👉🏻 📞Kelvin Kwan👉🏻 📞Marco Yung 👉🏻 📞Jacky Tang 👉🏻 📞Roy Leung 👉🏻[on.cc Eastnet News]The transportation along the railway line is easy to access, and it is convenient to enter and exit. Buyers who want to enter the market should seize the few opportunities left! The brand new residential project Xingkai · Embankment developed by Zhongzhou Real Estate is located next to the MTR Fotan Station. It provides a total of 1,335 units, with standard units ranging from open-plan to three-bedroom units, with a usable area of ​​228 square feet to 947 square feet, and another 13 units. Skyline featured households with usable areas ranging from 1,063 sq. ft. to 2,001 sq. ft. Referring to the advantages of Fotan Station, Chen Chunhui, Regional Sales Director of Midland Property, said that Fotan has gradually evolved from a factory area to a commercial and residential area. With the development of multiple projects in the area in the future, the supporting facilities will become more and more perfect, and the area will have a new look and attract different people to live or consume. As for living and leisure facilities, the property has its own shopping mall of about 100,000 square feet to cater for the daily needs of the residents. In addition, there are many flagship shopping malls along the East Rail Line, and there are many recreational, physical and cultural venues in the Sha Tin area, so there is no shortage of holiday entertainment for residents. For more details, watch the film now! ——————- Download the new #美liansunpan APP 👉 #网diskzhiqi#new user interface#Multiple new building features 👉🏼1⃣The most complete line in the whole line #17 search conditions; 2⃣#AI recommends bamboo shoots; 3⃣Hong Kong’s first #bank instant valuation!搵lou, accurate enough 🎯 enough to post 💛 fast enough “search” ⚡ #頭報#美聯物業#搵loumeilian enough fast search #美liansunpan APP #有ACCURATE #有POST#有QuickSearch#新disk video #First-hand#New Territories#Shatin#Fotan Station#Central continent real estate——————- ►Like and follow “#美聯物業” page and click “Following” ( Following) button, select “See First” to receive the latest building information in real time! Remember to follow ►Web: ►IG: ►Youtube: ► public account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong)


【Recommended by agent Natalie】Room A, High Floor, Tower 1, Xiyang | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Natalie Wong (S-611275) Property Promotion: 🏠Xiyang Tower 1 High Floor Flat A (Property No.: M250358045) Property Address: No. 393-399, Yuanzhou Street, Cheung Sha Wan Usable Area: 491 feet Interval: 2 bedrooms Unit Facilities/Features: Even Terrace Property Facilities: Clubhouse, Swimming Pool Browse Bamboo Pallet Details: Advertisement Date: 28/7/2022 Housing Estate: 275 units of […]

[Recommended by Agent Kitty]Room D, High Floor, Block 5, Boao Mountain | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Kitty Lui (E-265162) Property Promotion: 🏠Unit D, High Floor, Block 5, Boao Hill (Property No.: M100095497) Property Address: No. 18A, Tin Hau Temple Road, Mid-Levels, North Point Usable Area: 597 feet Interval: 2-bedroom unit Facilities/Features: Even Terrace, Pet World Property Facilities: Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Children’s Facilities, Entertainment Facilities, Dining Facilities, Beauty/Health Care, […]