【Midland Charity Fund‧Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Creation Contest 🎬 2022】#72 “Building the Sea of ​​Dreams” by “There is a Picture” – Yau Tsim Wang | Hong Kong 香港

#美聯物業# 小区有梦#Micro Film Creation Contest【Midland Charity Fund‧Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Creation Contest🎬 2022】 #Hong Kong is a city of vitality, behind the development of the community, it is full of every generation #youth People’s #dream. Midland, rooted in Hong Kong for half a century, has been breathing with the #community, and is committed to realizing the dream of #housing#housing# for #young people, and has also established #Midland Charity Fund. Since its establishment in 2004, through the role of an independent non-profit #charity organization , by #Meilian Group, each #secondhand property transaction business will allocate 0.1% #commission as a donation, continue to give back to the society, and continue the dream spirit to the community. Through this competition, I hope to encourage young people who are on their way to pursue their dreams to share their own community stories and dream-chasing journeys through micro-films by integrating footage and creativity. Nearly 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ micro-film entries have their own merits. Do the people and events resonate with you? Are there any situations, memories and footprints that you have experienced? 🎬 Immediately enter the event website to watch the micro-movie entries 👉🏻 Title: “Sea of ​​Dreams” Participating Team: “With Pictures” Region: Yau Tsimwang Creative Concept/Story Introduction: “Sea of ​​Dreams” An interesting story of Cao Zicheng, a young architect who grew up in Yau Tsim Mong District. The protagonist Cheng has been paying attention to the past reclamation projects in Yau Tsim Mong, and he is a student of architecture who yearns for the great achievements of his predecessors. After graduating, it was rare to have the opportunity to work in a growing area, so as to realize Uncle Zhizhi. At first, he was full of theory and was unfamiliar with physical operations, and was questioned by Uncle Zhi, but Cheng was not discouraged, and finally succeeded in being recognized by his predecessors, and finally witnessed the strength of his predecessors and affirmed his dream. Our creative team draws materials from Yau Tsim Mong, because she is developed in many aspects, and the offshore area has the characteristics of reclaimed land. At the same time, we also want to pay tribute to the predecessors of the construction industry and sigh for the greatness of their projects. We also want to present a real dream, which needs to be implemented and actively realized from setbacks. We were fortunate to have the help of the seniors at the Olympic Wharf in the end, allowing us to achieve the ideal picture in five minutes. #美聯物業# ququyoudream#MyCommunityMicrofilm Creation Contest#MicrofilmContest#Hong Kong# Dream#chasing dream#microfilm#competition#with prize competition#Microfilm competition #MicroFilm #CheckinYourDream #photography #Filmproduction #Scriptwriting #cutting#Mobile phone shooting#Photography#Yu Tsimwang#Olympics#Olympic Wharf


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