【Midland Charity Fund‧Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Creation Contest🎬 2022】#56 “Community Dreamers” by muses – Kwun Tong | Hong Kong 香港

【Midland Charity Fund‧Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Creation Competition 🎬 2022】 #Hong Kong is a city of vitality. Behind the development of the community, there is a #dream of every generation of #young people. Midland, rooted in Hong Kong for half a century, has been breathing with the #community, and is committed to realizing the dream of #housing#housing# for #young people, and has also established #Midland Charity Fund. Since its establishment in 2004, through the role of an independent non-profit #charity organization , by #Meilian Group, each #secondhand property transaction business will allocate 0.1% #commission as a donation, continue to give back to the society, and continue the dream spirit to the community. Through this competition, I hope to encourage young people who are on their way to pursue their dreams to share their own community stories and dream-chasing journeys through micro-films by integrating footage and creativity. Nearly 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ micro-film entries have their own merits. Do the people and events resonate with you? Are there any situations, memories and footprints that you have experienced? 🎬 Immediately enter the event website to watch the micro-movie entries 👉🏻 Title: “Community Dream Chaser” Team: muses Region: Kwun Tong Creation Concept/Story Introduction: Dream and reality? This story starts from a single father and son in Kwun Tong. Not every dream chaser in the community is so lucky and has supportive parents. Most of them are more stubborn and think that chasing a dream is a waste of time and money, but who is it? Do you have no dreams when you are young? Young people are like young chicks who have just grown up. As parents, should we let them spread their wings, or continue to let them move forward like puppets on the designed trajectory of life? We hope that dream catchers are not confined to the community, but fly with their dreams, transforming Kwun Tong from a cage into a great community with dreams, and nurturing more community dream catchers! #美聯物業# ququyoudream#MyCommunityMicrofilm Creation Contest#MicrofilmContest#Hong Kong# Dream#chasing dream#microfilm#competition#with prize competition#Microfilm competition #MicroFilm #CheckinYourDream #photography #Filmproduction #Scriptwriting #cutting#mobile phone shooting#photography#Kwun Tong