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Tuen Mun HOS flats generally have their own advantages. Among them, Longmen Residences, a young version of the home ownership scheme in Tuen Mun South, is built along the Tuen Mun River. It has a beautiful environment and complete shopping and transportation facilities. It is believed that it is a cost-effective home purchase option for passengers who are seeking convenience in daily life. Property name: 龙门居 LUNG MUN OASIS District: Tuen Mun Area: New Territories Address/Lot: No. 43 Lung Mun Road Housing Type: Home Ownership Block Number: Block 16 Number of Floors: Phase 1: 26 Storey (Block 1-4 ) * Excluding 30 underground floors (blocks 8-10) * Excluding 32 underground floors (11 blocks) * Excluding the second underground phase: 26 floors (5-6 blocks) * Excluding 32 underground floors (block 12-13) ) * Excluding 28 underground floors (blocks 14-16) * Excluding total number of underground units: 3,800 units Number of units per floor: Phase 1: 6 units: 1 to 26 floors (Blocks 1 to 4) 10 units: 1 to 30th floor (Block 8-10) 10 units: 1 to 32 floors (Block 11) Phase 2: 4 units: 1 to 26 floors (Block 5) 6 units: 1 to 26 floors (Block 6 to 7) ) 10 units: 1st to 32nd floors (12th to 13th blocks) 10 units: 1st to 28th floors (14th to 16th blocks) Utility rate: about 80%-87% Number of first sale phases/date: Phase 19A Date of Occupation: May 18, 1998 (Blocks 1-4, 8-11) August 3, 1998 (Blocks 5-7, 12-16) Owners’ Incorporated: The property school network has been established: Tuen Mun, a kindergarten nearby ; Primary school 70 net; Secondary school Tuen Mun parking lot: Seller/holding company of the seller: Seller Hong Kong Housing Authority Land grant period: Lease period until June 30, 2047 Property facilities: Bank, jogging track, Chinese and Western food and catering Restaurants, day nurseries, badminton courts, children’s playgrounds, gardens, parking lots, shopping malls, markets, supermarketsProperties advantages: buses, minibuses, railways It is for reference only, and is not and cannot be used to promote any first-hand residential properties. Its accuracy and authenticity are subject to the information provided by the real estate developer. Go to ” HongKongFloorPlans” housing estate page: Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow public No.: HongKongFloorPlans ( HongKongFloorPlans).


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