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👍Bamboo plate recommendation in Lai Chi Kok District: 🏠Sheng Yue Ju special page: 🏠Blue Sea and Blue Sky special page: 🏠Qing Li Yuan special page: 💬Online customer service query: In addition to paying attention to large details when buying a property, many people hope that the unit spacing is practical . There are so many beautiful buildings in Hong Kong, it is best to order first? I have a good choice today, and I would recommend the Four Little Dragons in Lai Chi Kok! “Lai Chi Kok. A great package for a beautiful scenery” Want to buy a property on Lai Chi Kok Road, but also want to find a beautiful room, can I improve my home? If you are a single or a newly married family, Shengyue Residence is the only housing estate that offers a one-bedroom unit among the four little dragons. Is it Mihaozheng? The housing estate has seven properties with more than 2,400 units, with diversified spacing, ranging from one-bedroom to characteristic units. Two rooms occupy most of the housing estate’s club facilities and are also very attractive. The 180,000-square-foot club provides more than 60 different types of recreational facilities. It is connected to a shopping mall with a pedestal and has direct access to the Lai Chi Kok MTR station, forming a small community, which is absolutely in line with the popular settlement choice for middle-class families. In addition to taking the MTR, residents can also go to Cheung Sha Wan Plaza and take a bus to travel around the districts. The transportation is very convenient. The other four little dragons to be recommended is the blue sea and blue sky! The five properties provide more than 1,600 units. Although the scale of it is relatively small, the number of sea view units is the largest among the three recommended units today. In addition, the landscape is more sunny than other housing estates, and the sea view is added by the way when the house is replaced. Therefore, the units in this area are particularly attractive. The housing estates are mainly composed of two bedrooms and three bedrooms. There are a small number of top-floor features and duplex units, as well as buried jacuzzis and suites. Usually the number of listings is very small, so you must pay close attention to it. Bihailantian has a 160,000-square-foot luxurious clubhouse. The pedestal mall is a Japanese-style department store. Consumption, supplies, meals, entertainment, and leisure are definitely better than you. And it takes only a few minutes to go to Lai Chi Kok Station, about 8-10 minutes from Nanchang Station, and enjoy the advantages of the two railways! The last one to recommend is Qingli Garden, which is located in a quiet and quiet small mid-levels in the urban area. As a HOS flat, the saleable area of ​​the unit is good, plus it can be resold in the free market without paying the land premium. It is definitely sought after by people who don’t get on the car. It is a typical Sizheng, large room and hall layout, plus the unit has no window sills, and the usable area is as high as 80%, which makes the places in the canal more visible. It is close to the Mei Foo West Rail Station, which takes about 3 minutes. Residents can even take the West Rail Line and Tsuen Wan Line to reach various districts directly. In addition, there are buses and minibuses nearby, making it easy to go out. If you want to know more details about the relevant housing estates, remember to contact us at HongKongFloorPlans! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[Kowloon Bay Building]Depot Gardens, Le Nga Court, Telford Gardens, experience quality living estates 📺[NewPoKongGardens】StarRiverMingju·Jianxian·Fu·Harbor·NewBuildingsforHouseExchanges📺【TseungKwanOHouse】OceanBay·CityStation·ChoiMingCourt·Visitthebodyandmindinthemiddleofthecity📺【TseungKwanOHouse】tothebluesky・TheMajesticTheGrandioseandtheMTRhousingestatescanbeviewedinmanyways▼▼Seemore▼▼》Facebookpage:🔸Follow”MidlandRealty”Instagram:🔸Followpublicaccount:HongKongFloorPlans(MidlandRealty)


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Summarize in english this content to 100 words KOL brings property viewing – Kevin Lung (S-602597) Property promotion: 🏠Unit B, high-rise building, Tower 01, New Tuen Mun Center (Property number: M300921608) Property address: No. 55-65, Lung Mun Road, Tuen Mun. Practical area: 462 feet. Spacing: 2 Unit facilities/features: Pet Paradise Property facilities: swimming pool, children's […]