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Fo Tan, located in the central part of Sha Tin District, has always been one of the diverse residential areas in Sha Tin. Jiu To Shan is also a luxury residential area in Sha Tin, which attracted many middle-class wealthy people who pursued a high-quality life. In fact, in the 1980s, Fo Tan was still dominated by factories but later in manufacturing. The gradual micro-commercial building has begun to become the mainstream commercial and residential model, and it has also led to the continuous development of neighboring houses. Like the Jubilee Garden in the 1980s, the Junjing Garden in the 1990s and the Yulongshan completed after the millennium are built around the Fotan Station. Many housing estates in the low-density housing estate area can enjoy the view of Sha Tin Racecourse, and in order to increase the number of residents in the area, many housing estates are also quite diversified, attracting different families to settle in and the nearby Jiu To Mountain is even more of a district. Due to the government’s planning for low-density development and the later development of the “New Jiutu” lot, the luxury residential area that is the leader in the interior is integrated with a large number of elegant modern buildings. The beautiful horse farm in the district and the area near the Shing Mun River are all in sight In terms of rich life, Fotan has already formed a self-sufficient living network. The Junjing Plaza and Jubilee Club near Fotan Station have been able to meet the basic daily needs of residents. If you like the natural scenery, the surrounding environment is quiet and the Pengfu Park next to it has a lot of green belts. It is quite suitable for walking or having a family picnic. There is also a pet area that is convenient for many pet owners to bring their pets for relaxation. Also, Fo Tan is close to the MTR station. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the Fo Tan station. It only takes a few minutes and it is very convenient. In recent years, Hong Kong people have begun to find some high-quality residential areas. Many developers have also begun to plan and build new housing estates in Fo Tan. As more and more high-quality housing estates are completed, the supporting facilities have been continuously improved and natural. Fotan, who is pursuing the quality of life with beautiful landscapes, is not to be missed. HongKongFloorPlans》Instagram account: Follow public account: meilian_hk (美联property Hong Kong).


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