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Chang’an Village was completed at the end of the 1980s. It is a green watch in Tsing Yi and the goal of easier entry for first-time buyers in the free market! Cheung On Village is different from ordinary public housing. It is located near the sea and the MTR. It shares the same community facilities with the adjacent private buildings Hajingwan and Yingcui Peninsula! Property Name: Cheung On Estate CHEUNG ON ESTATE District: Tsing Yi District: New Territories Address/Lot: No. 1 Tam Kon Shan Road Estate Type: Public Housing Building Floors: 34 floors (Blocks 1-3, 6-8), 19 floors (Blocks 4-5), 26 floors (Blocks 9-10) Total number of units: 7,338 Units per floor: 24 Units: 2 to 35/F (Block 1-2 & 8), 22 units: 2/F (Block 3), 44 units: 3/F, 52 units: 4-21/F (Block 4), 20 units: 2-3/F 28 Unit: 4th to 20th floor (Block 5), 8 units: 2nd floor, 24 units: 3rd to 35th floors (Block 6), 32 units: 2nd to 35th floors (Block 7), 14 units: 2 to 26 Building, 8 units: 27th floor (Blocks 9 to 10) First sale phase/date: Tenant Purchase Scheme Phase 1 (January 1998) Occupation Date: February 1988 (Block 1 An Hai Building), December 1988 (2 Anyang Buildings), December 1987 (3 Anjiang Buildings, 4 An Tao Buildings), November 1988 (5 Anhu Buildings, 8 Anmei Buildings, 9 Anrun Buildings) , Block 10 On Ching Building), March 1989 (Block 6 On Chiu Building, Block 7 On Po Building) Owners’ Corporation: Established Property School Net: Near Kindergarten Kwai Tsing; Primary School 66 Net; Middle School Kwai Tsing Parking Lot: Holding company with Vendor/Vendor: Vendor Hong Kong Housing Authority Land Grant Term: 50 years, commencing from 8 April 1998 Disclaimer: This promotional material is for publicity and promotion of second-hand residential properties only For reference, not and not to be used for promotion of any first-hand residential property, its accuracy and authenticity are subject to the information provided by the real estate developer. ▼▼View more▼▼ Go to “Midland Property” housing estate page: Subscribe “Midland Property” YouTube channel: Like “Midland Property” Facebook page: Follow “Midland Property” Instagram: Follow public No.: HongKongFloorPlans (Midland Property)