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#元龙#新盘#PARKYOHOBologna[on.cc East Network Special News]Kam Tin, Yuen Long is not only beautiful and pleasant, with mountains and water, but also benefits from the development policy of the “Northern Metropolitan Area” vigorously promoted by the government. Lin Zhenhua (Dick), the chief regional sales director of Lianhe Real Estate, pointed out that the northern “metropolitan area” will be the most active area in urban construction and population growth in Hong Kong in the next 20 years, and Kam Tin will be the high-quality area in Shenzhen Bay in the “Twin Cities and Three Circles”. Due to the advantages of future development such as the development circle and the “Five Railways Plan”, under various factors, it is believed that the transaction volume in the area will increase steadily, and the investment potential will increase even more. The final phase of the PARK YOHO series under Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016) is named PARK YOHO Bologna. It is developed in a low-density model and involves a total of 164 units. The unit types are also diversified, covering open-plan units to four-bedroom units, and special units are also set up , with a salable area ranging from 257 to 1,155 square feet, and is sold as an existing building. The project is surrounded by emerald green mountains, and most units can enjoy the open mountain view and Kam Tin River view. PARK YOHO Bologna’s transportation facilities are quite complete. The transportation complex located in the first phase of PARK YOHO has a number of shuttle bus lines, connecting MTR Yuen Long Station, Kam Sheung Road Station, Kowloon Station ICC and Lok Ma Chau Port. There are also buses, small Ba and the taxi stand; Lin Zhenhua also pointed out that since the opening of the Tuen Ma Line of the MTR, it is very convenient to travel from Kam Sheung Road Station to Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. ” and “Northern Ring Line Branch Line” to Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park and Xinhuanggang Port; as for driving to Lok Ma Chau and Shenzhen Bay Port, it only takes 10 minutes, and it only takes 20 minutes to drive to the International Airport and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and the connection is instant Mainland and international. Living in PARK YOHO Bologna, you don’t have to worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation. PARK YOHO has its own shopping mall “Park Circle”, which has many retail stores, supermarkets, and even international kindergartens. Residents can also go to the adjacent Kam Tin city center, Minsheng shops and check-in Hot spots abound. As for holiday leisure, there are many choices without leaving home. Not only can you go to the dual clubs “Club COMO” and “Club GARDA” set up by PARK YOHO, enjoy more than 70 facilities suitable for both movement and leisure, and you can also go to the estate under the jurisdiction of the estate. The 1.2 million-square-foot private wetland park includes the 500,000-square-foot ecological conservation area “Hai Garden” and 12 European-style themed gardens. If you love outings, you may wish to visit Nam Sang Wai, known as the “Back Garden of Hong Kong” near the project, and the longest cycling track in Hong Kong. If you want to know more real estate information, you may wish to click on the film. —————– 📱Download the #upgrade version of “#美联竹盘APP” now: With innovative functions and upgraded user experience, it has won the highest rating from App Store users, and launched a new version simultaneously. The first “Regional Encyclopedia”, search for properties‧sell properties‧Midland is fast enough to “search”⚡ #美联业股份#美联竹盘APP #购房#竹盘#一手#新盘#新盘追攻#一手#一手新盘#上车#上车攻略#上车设计#买屋设计#购买攻略#元龙#新盘#PARKYOHOBologna —————– ►Like OK and follow the “#美联物业” special page, press the “Following” button, select “See First” to receive the latest property search information in real time! Remember to follow ►Web: ►IG: ►Youtube: ► public account: meilian_hk (Midland Property Hong Kong)